Halloween Canine Costumes

Many of us share our homes with puppies and dogs. These fuzzy, four-legged bundles of fur are  part of our family, so we shouldn’t exclude them from Halloween activities, right? Recently, Halloween costumes for pets have become more popular than ever. There are whole sections at the costume store dedicated just to our fuzzy friends! Here are a few adorable Halloween costumes for puppies and dogs that I thought I should share with all of you, just for smiles!

Now, dressing up pets may not be everyone’s (or dog’s) cup of tea. If your pet doesn’t enjoy wearing clothes, then  it’s  best that we don’t try to force them into any. Comfort is key! However, some pets really like perusing around in cute outfits, so let them decide!

Are you dressing up your pet this Halloween? Share pictures with us! We would love to see them!


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