DIY Glitter Halloween Pumpkins

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for glitter. It’s probably because when I was a little child, my parents wouldn’t let me play with glitter because it was too messy. Now, whenever I have the chance, I try to include glitter in all my projects. I like glitter on everything (except maybe on my face, then it’s just a nuisance)!

I’ve been noticing a trend of glitter pumpkins being sold at all the major retailers everywhere I go. These glitter pumpkins don’t come  cheap. As much as I would like a set of glitter pumpkins for my front porch, I can’t warrant spending $45 dollars on 3 pumpkins. This is when the DIY lightbulb went off in my head. I can make my own! Glitter pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! The possibilities are endless! Get inspired by pictures on the internet if you don’t know exactly what you want. Here are a few:


  • pumpkin
  • glue
  • paint
  • glitter
  • paintbrush
  • newspaper
  • painters tape
  • palette

Before you start any messy art project, be sure to cover your surfaces with newspaper!

Pick the color of glitter you would like your pumpkin to be. If possible, find the closest matching color to the glitter in paint. Paint the pumpkin with the paint first  (this makes it so that if you have gaps between the glitter, the orange pumpkin color wont show through).

When the paint is dried, cover the pumpkin with a layer of glue and glitter. Work in smaller portions so the glue does not dry halfway.

Voila! Glitter pumpkins!

Additional tips:

  • You can also apply the glitter directly onto the paint instead (skipping the glue step), but be aware that paint dries fast and might not give  you enough time to properly apply the glitter.
  • I find that this project works better with finely milled glitter. Chunky glitter creates a lot of texture, but doesn’t cover the surface of the pumpkin as well.
  • Use painter’s tape to create patterns with the paint and glitter. Work in small sections and wait until the previous section is dried before starting on a different color.
  • Fabric paint also works well. If you use fabric paint, you can skip the glue step!
  • Try this on real or styrofoam pumpkins!

Let us know if you tried out this project! Leave us a comment so we can feature your masterpiece on our blog!

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For the blog post with all the directions & rules, please click here.


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One response to “DIY Glitter Halloween Pumpkins

  1. NorCal Sal

    These are beautiful!

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