Pumpkin Halloween Lanterns

Remember the post on how to DIY your own Mummy Halloween Lanterns? That simple project can be transformed into pumpkin Halloween lanterns also! This idea comes to us from Martha Stewart and is a quick and easy project to do with the whole family. Here’s how!




  • small balloons
  • orange plaster cloth (or paper with paper mache glue)
  • cooking spray
  • small LED tealights
  • a pin
  • scissors

Much like the project on mummy halloween lanterns, create a pumpkin lantern using orange paper or orange plaster cloth. Cover a balloon with cooking spray and the paper mache (lay the strips on vertically). When the paper mache is dried, pop the balloon inside. For the base of the pumpkin, cut the top of the paper mache off (the part that you DON’T tie) into a flat surface. With a sharp blade, carve out the pumpkin face! When you are ready to display your creation, put a tealight (or a LED light, to be safer) inside the pumpkin. Light (or turn on) the candle and watch your pumpkin glow!


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