Bloodthirsty Vampire Pumpkins

We’re always looking for the most innovative ideas to decorate Halloween pumpkins with. Pumpkins are no longer just limited to carving Jack-o-lantern faces anymore! This idea comes to us straight from Martha Stewart! We’re all familiar with plastic vampire fangs (you don’t know how many of these  I’ve bought over the years). They’re cheap, easy to find, and is the perfect accessory for a vampire costume. However, once I’ve used them, I throw them right away. It’s not the most sanitary thing to do to put these back in your mouth the next year..


So why not use them as pumpkin decorating accessories? All you need to do is cut out an opening wide and big enough to fit the fangs in, and you’ll have a bloodthirsty vampire pumpkin! The light shines though the fangs and leaves a sinister glow. Use a few pushpins for eyes. Perfect for an easy Halloween decoration!



When I first came upon this idea, I was disappointed that I didn’t come up with it myself!  However, Martha is the queen of crafts, so I didn’t feel TOO bad.


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One response to “Bloodthirsty Vampire Pumpkins

  1. Linda

    this one made me laugh… so cute

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