Ghostly Ghost Pops

What are some memorable candies you remember receiving from trick or treating? I remember looking into my treat bag and pulling out M&M’s, cookies, candy corn, Sweet Tarts, licorice, and a whole bunch of other different goodies. However, lollipops were definitely my favorite! TWhen Halloween rolls around, I often pick up a few bags of lollipops to give out. When I realized I might have bought way too much (oops!), I turn them into craft/decoration projects! Here’s how to turn lollipops into little ghosts!


  • lollipop candies
  • ribbon
  • white tissue paper or white tulle, gauze
  • a circle stencil ~ 7″
  • scissors
  • markers

These little ghosts are extremely easy to make. With the stencil , cut out circles from the tissue paper or tulle. Put the rounded part of the lollipop in the middle of the circle. With a ribbon, gather the sides of the paper/tulle and tie it to the lollipop. With a marker, draw on a face!

These ghost lollipops are great to give out to trick or treaters, used as hanging decorations at a Halloween party, or put in a little vase for a table top Halloween decoration!

One extra little tip, you can use any lollipop you would like. At the market, I know there are fun shaped ones and mini ones as well. Those might take a little more work in wrapping, but they still make great little ghosts (just cut the stencil accordingly)!


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