Yummy Mummy Dogs

Most kids (and adults) enjoy a good hot dog once in a while. For example, attending baseball games. It’s a right of passage to have a giant foam finger in one hand, a hot dog in another, all while balancing a large soda in your lap! Now who wouldn’t like a good hot dog?! It’s easy to eat, and on most occasions, mess free! As much as we all enjoy hot dogs, we can’t  be serving them at a Halloween party! They’re not spooky at all! Here’s a little recipe to create mummy dogs!

When I say mummy dogs, you do know it’s not mummified hounds, right? Good. Now that we are all on the same page, let’s get started!


  • a can of crescent, croissant, or puff pastry dough
  • a pack of hot dog franks
  • cooking spray

Open the can of dough. If you are getting crescent rolls, they should already be cut into triangles. You can make hot dog croissants that look like mummies this way. If they are not cut into triangles, cut the dough into 1/4 inch strips. Wrap the hot dog with these strips. Leave a little space for the mummy face! Spray baking sheet  with cooking spray and lay the mummies down to bake. Bake according to directions on the can. Remove from the oven when done and leave out to cool!

This is the simplest way to make mummy dogs. There are many ways to spruce it up! Here are a few ideas:

  • make your own dough
  • use cheese-filled franks
  • buy flavored crescent rolls (I tried making these with garlic croissant dough. It was great!)
  • wrap little slices of cheese in between the dough for an extra burst of gooey cheese
  • make mini ones with half a frank

To make them even spookier for Halloween, cover the mummies in ketchup! It’ll look like blood!

These are great for Halloween, but don’t limit them just to the holiday. They are great year round! If you pack lunch (for yourself or for your children), sneak a few mummies in there. It will bring a smile to anyone’s face!


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