DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves

When Autumn rolls around, all the trees shed its green leafy image to remind us that it’s going to get much chillier. The floor is sprinkled with leaves and the trees turn bare. Once that starts happening, we know that Halloween is coming up really soon! With so many leaves blowing around outside in the wind, us crafty decorators are sure to get inspired. Here is a simple DIY tutorial to turn large leaves into spooky ghosts!


  • large leaves
  • scissors
  • white paint
  • black paint
  • paintbrush
  • string
  • tape

Once you’ve gathered the leaves, give them a quick wipe with a wet paper towel or rinse them under the faucet to get rid of the dirt. Leave them out to dry.

When you are ready to paint them, give the top a little snip with your scissors. Cut it into a rounded shape (this is where the head will be).

Paint the whole leaf white. Use the black paint to dot on eyes and a mouth. Leave them out an hour or so to dry.

Now comes the fun part–what to do with these leaves! One idea is to string them onto a string (knot the place you want the ghost to stay) and hang it up horizontally as a banner. Or, you can make a few strings of these, and hang them vertically over a door frame to make a door curtain!

Another way to use these leaves are to use them as labels for gift bags. Write the guests’ name on the back of the leaf with the black paint. Using the string, tie the leaf onto the top of the gift bag as a tag.

You can also use these leaves as a wall decoration. Simply use a little bit of tape and tape the leaf directly onto the wall (or wherever else you want to decorate). To make the ghosts stand out on a white background, use the black paint and outline the leaf!

This idea is super easy to make, and the supplies can be found almost anywhere! There are so many leaves outside, that we can make enough ghosts to cover our entire house (not that we’d want to, but it would be great to have the option)! Try it out yourself!



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2 responses to “DIY Spooky Ghost Leaves

  1. This is super cute! I am going to share this with my mom, so that she can have a fun craft to do with my niece and nephew.

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. jennygoth

    some really good ideas here xxjen

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