Festive Uses for Halloween Garlands

Everyone should be familiar with garlands (also known as tinsel, for all you Christmas loving folks). Garlands are festive, sparkly, easy to use, and affordable (all my favorite things combined into one)! If you didn’t know, garlands are not just for Christmas anymore. Though Christmas is one of the holidays out of the year that definitely uses a lot of garland, Halloween is creeping up close behind!





Garlands are great for Halloween because they help add just a little touch of festiveness to an otherwise bland area. For example, imagine a banister. Not very exciting right? Intertwine a few strands of Halloween themed garland to the columns of a banister, and you will have an instant festive feeling.

No bunting for your porch? No problem! You can drape varying lengths of tinsel (like a half loop) on your porch for a sparkly, makeshift bunting!

Garlands can also make great banners. Use card stock to print out letters and squares for your Halloween banner. Punch 2 holes on either side of the paper and string the garland through!

Have a really plain vase or bottle that you want to spruce up? With a little bit of glue, coil the garland around the outside of the bottle and use glue to attach it to the surface. This makes a fun and fuzzy bottle/vase to put your decorations in!

All 3 of these Halloween Garlands can be found on Home Seasons! There are ones with pumpkins, skulls, or bats! Let us know how you’d use Halloween garlands!


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