Spooky Candy Transformations

Trick or treat! Honestly, does anyone actually pick the “trick”? I am definitely a treat kind of person. Give me a bag of gummy candies over a joke any day! Now speaking of treats, nothing is more appealing to me than a whole bowl full of candies and cookies, but for Halloween, I have to amp it up. Regular candy is just not going to cut it anymore!



I recently stumbled upon this picture and was extremely inspired! Candy and cookies come in all shapes and sizes! With a little bit of brain power, I can transform them from ordinary treats into ghoulish Halloween themed treats! Here are the ones that are found in the picture, and a few I thought up of myself!


  • crows bones – white chocolate covered pretzels
  • hollowed frog eyes – apple gummy rings
  • pumpkin teeth – candy corn
  • jaw breakers – these are scary as is!
  • bones – dog bone candy
  • shrunken bears – mini and regular gummy bears
  • dried unicorn blood – red rock candy
  • ghosts – marshmallows with faces or cotton candy
  • severed fingers – caramel molded into fingers
  • creepy crawly worms – gummy worms


To display your creepy goodies, put them in jam jars or beakers. Create creepy labels for them so everyone will know what they’re supposed to be! This idea makes regular treats and candies a lot more fun and festive! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some cotton candy ghosts!


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