Indoor Or Outdoor Halloween?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably enjoy the holidays (especially Halloween) quite a bit. Who wouldn’t, though! Halloween is one of those holidays that takes weeks to prepare and is fun every step of the way! Not only is it exciting to find the perfect costume, but it’s also exciting to look into new and innovative home decorations! With that said, I have a little question for all of you, are you more of an indoor Halloween decorator, outdoor Halloween decorator, or is it too hard to decide, so you’ll pick both?

I personally enjoy both! I decorate the inside of my home with Halloween decorations the whole family can enjoy.  I usually pick cuter, more modern decorations that is kid and adult friendly. Think color, color, color! For the outside, I pull out all the stops (creepy stops, that is)! Anything too scary to go indoors is perfect for the outdoors. The scarier elements are perfect for adding ambiance on your porch to spook all the neighborhood children!

Check out Home Seasons’ preassembled Halloween Packages! We have ones available for the indoors and the outdoors, all at multiple price points! There is sure to be one to fit your needs!



However you decide to decorate, don’t forget to have fun while doing so! Going out and looking for new designs and patterns is half the fun of decorating for Halloween. Scour though stores and websites at least a month beforehand so you get the best choices of decorations. Or, if you see an item you’d like for a holiday later on, don’t hesitate to pick it up first! Decorations have a great shelf life and lasts a long time! Once you get a good collection going, you can be using those items year after year!



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