Spooky Uses For Halloween Silhouettes

You know that feeling when you think you saw something scary at the corner of your eye, but turns out it was just a shadow of your cat? I am very familiar with that feeling. Now, it’s not because I have watched too many scary movies back in the day (I try to steer clear of them as much as possible), but shadows are actually very scary! You see a shadow of an animal from far away, but is it a dog, or a man eating werewolf?! This is why silhouettes are so popular for Halloween. Not only do they look like shadows, but you never know what you are really looking at. For today’s blogpost, I’m going to share with you all the uses I have thought up of (and compiled) of Halloween silhouettes that would amp up the spooky factor. Get ready to be spooked!


  • Spooky picture frames – Put a silhouette side profile picture of a face in a picture frame. Choose different sizes and shapes of the faces and frames to create variety. For an added touch of uniqueness, create the silhouettes of people you know! (Make a game out of it: let your friends and family guess who is who!)

  • Wall decorations: With a large sheet of paper, print silhouettes of a spooky graveyard scene (or any scary scene you’d like). Cut out the silhouettes and tape them to your wall. They will look like real shadows from far away!

  • Window shadows: With a large piece of paper, print/create life size silhouette cutouts of spooky things (for example: a cat, bat, candelabra, ghost, spider, werewolf, etc etc). Stick the cutouts onto the window. Turn indoor lights on. From the outside, it will look like the real thing is at the window!
  • Creepy shadows: With a large piece of paper, create life size cutouts of spooky things (again!) Instead of putting them on your window, put them outdoors! Stick the silhouettes onto the wall, a tree, or peeking out from behind the bushes! It will add an unexpected creepy element to your lawn!

Give silhouettes a try this Halloween. They are so easy to make and find! You can literally make any image you want into a spooky silhouette! If you have any additional Halloween silhouette  ideas, please share them with us!


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One response to “Spooky Uses For Halloween Silhouettes

  1. The window silhouette is amazing!! Makes me smile for sure thinking of all of the laughs I would get out of the nosey neighborhood kids freaking out!!! Me thinks this may be the perfect scare. 😀

    JB @ oneofthelovebugs.wordpress.com

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