Mummy Halloween Lanterns

I found this idea from Do It Yourself, and the first thing I thought about was sharing it with all of you! This project is not only quick and easy, but only requires a few crafting supplies. Let’s all learn how to make mummy lanterns this Halloween!


  • small balloons
  • plaster cloth (or paper with paper mache glue)
  • cooking spray
  • small LED tealights
  • a pin
  • scissors

Blow up a balloon as big as you want the “mummy” to be. Cover the balloon with a thin coating of cooking spray and then lay on the paper mache material. Don’t cover the entire balloon! Leave some spaces for the light to leak though. Let dry and then pop the balloon inside. Use scissors to cut an opening on the “mummy” that allows you to put it flat on the table. Turn on the tealight and slip the “mummy” cover on top!

To make the mummy even more mummy-licious, draw on facial features with a marker!

This paper mache mummy works best with LED tealights to minimize the chances of a fire hazard. Glue and paper are quite flammable! Don’t forget, always be cautious and safe!


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