Halloween Terrarium Ideas

When decorating our homes for Halloween, a can’t-miss decorating spot would definitely be the tabletop. Guests like to gather around the table as they chat  up friends and stuff themselves silly with snacks (I know I’m not the only one who does this)! Oftentimes, the table is the main attraction to a Halloween dinner party, so we want to go all out when decorating the dining area.

One cool idea for creating modern, yet spooky, Halloween decor is by using terrariums. “What is a terrarium,” you ask? A terrarium is usually a glass container filled with nature, plants, and animals. They are actually fairly easy to DIY at home! For the spirit of  Halloween, we can tweak it anyway we like to create an eerie atmosphere. Here are a few ideas to help you make your own!

This idea comes from Country Living. To create this raven style terrarium, all we need are clear glass jars, twigs, spray paint, hot glue, and fake/plastic ravens and bugs. Find a twig (a Y shaped twig would be perfect) about half the size of the jar. Choose items to put inside your terrarium and spray paint the pieces any color of your liking. Hot glue the twig onto the lid so that the twig is sticking up vertically. Hot glue the bug or raven onto the stick. When you are done decorating, screw the glass gar back onto the lid and display! For additional spookiness, you can glue fake moss to the inside of the lid to cover the metal. Or for a more modern look, you can always tie a ribbon around the jar!


Another idea comes from Shelterness. Create a mini graveyard inside your terrarium! For this idea, all we need are clear glass jars, a patch of grass (fake or real), and miniature graveyard figurines. Fill up the jar with the grass, and then arrange the figurines into a spooky scene!


A very quick and easy terrarium idea is the skull terrarium. Find a jar (or glass bowl, cake stand with a lid) large enough for a plastic skull, and…a plastic skull! Put the skull inside the jar, and voila! You can add any embellishments you like to make it as spooky or as modern as you want!

There are  many other ways to DIY your own spooky terrarium for Halloween. Anything you can fit into a jar, you can make a terrarium with. The possibilities are endless! Save your jars from jam or pickles over the summer to create these terrariums in the fall!



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3 responses to “Halloween Terrarium Ideas

  1. This is super cute – I love the ideas!

  2. Wendy

    These are great. Are they filled with water or are they just very thick glass.

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