8 Uses For Halloween Cutouts

For quick and easy (yet still festive) Halloween decorations, paper cutouts are a really versatile option. They come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and finishes. There is bound to be one that can fit your needs. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can try to make the most out of your Halloween cutouts!

  • Place cards – If you have a cutout that is blank on one side, write the name of your dinner party’s guest on it. Use a little place card holder to hold up the card. The guests will know which seats they are taking and the place card has a fun cutout for others to see!
  • Wall decals – Cutouts make great wall decals because they are usually flat, and can easily be affixed to the wall with a little bit of tape or sticky tack. Large cutouts are usually a better choice when using them as wall decals.
  • Gift tags – Similar to the place card idea, you can also use cutouts as gift tag labels. Write the name of the gift receiver on the blank side of the cutout. Punch a hole at the top of the cutout and attach to the gift with a nice ribbon or raffia cord.
  • Hanging decorations – With a little bit of string and a hole punch, cutouts can be made into hanging decorations. Punch a hole at the top of the cutout and attach a long string to the cutout. Tape the other end of the string to the ceiling or the porch of where you would like to hang it. Vary the lengths of the strings for a quirky look.
  • Cupcake toppers – For mini cutouts, they work great as embellishments for cupcakes. This works best for cutouts that have a glossy finish and doesn’t have any glitter. Let your guests know ahead of time that the cupcake toppers are not edible!
  • Trail markers – If you’re hosting a Halloween party and you want your guests to know the party is in the backyard, you can use Halloween cutouts as a trail marker. Tape the cutouts to the driveway in the route that you want the guests to take. The guests will follow the cutouts to your party with no problem!
  • 3D cutouts – 2D flat cutouts can easily be made 3D. Get 2 pieces of identical cutouts (same size, shape, color). Cut a slit halfway from the top to the middle for one cutout, and halfway from the bottom to the middle for the second cutout. Slip the two pieces together and you’ll have a 3D cutout! Sometimes, the 3D cutouts can be sturdy enough to be standing table decor. If not, they still make great hanging decorations.

There are many more uses for these fun Halloween cutouts. The particular set shown in the picture above is from Home Seasons for $6.99! It is a glitter cutout set with 12 varying sizes of skulls, ghosts, spiders, and pumpkins!

Or how about our newest set of Halloween Icons Cutout for $6.99? This set of 30 cutouts is printed on both sides with a semi glossy finish.

We also have cutouts for other holidays as well! Check out our website for more holiday goodies!


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