How To Jazz Up Store-Bought Halloween Decorations

If you buy your Halloween decorations from the local home super store, most likely, your decorations will be like everyone else’s. Table top decorations will end up on the table, and wall plaques will end up on the wall. Where’s the uniqueness we all strive to achieve? Today’s post will teach all of you how to spruce up store bought Halloween decorations and make it your own! Your decorations will set itself apart from all the other cookie cutter decorations!

If you have  honeycomb pumpkins at home, there are many ways you can jazz it up to give it more style. For example, if you have stickers of facial parts (googly eyes, big smiles, etc etc), you can stick them on directly to make a jack-o-lantern face. You can make cutouts of triangles out of black paper and stick them onto the pumpkin to make a face as well. To make honeycomb pumpkins into hanging decorations, tie a string around the stem and hang them from the ceiling or your porch awning.

Table decor like this black wood table top set are really great to add a little spooky touch to a table. With a little sprucing up, it can become even more unique. If you want to change it from a silhouette into a colorful table decor, all you need is a little paint. Acrylic can work well over black laquered wood paint. You can always add glow in the dark paint details on it with a little bit of glow in the dark acrylic paint. Don’t forget the glitter! Stamp the glitter onto the paint while the paint is still wet. The glitter will adhere to the wet paint.



Want to have a spider web effect but don’t have any spider webs? If you have fake snow left over from Christmas, that can easily be turned into a spider web with a little handiwork. Little plastic spiders can be made by pipe cleaners! You can turn them back into snow for the Christmas season!


Do you have one of these tree stands hanging around at your home? Sure, they make nice jewelry holders, but you can easily spook these up with a few little items. Spider webs will make this tree extra spooky. You can also hang on little Halloween trinkets  and ornaments from the branches. Did I mention that this tree has branch tips that light up as well? It’s even better in the dark!

A lot of times, decorations can easily be jazzed up with a little bit of craft supplies and imagination. You will not only have great, one of a kind pieces, you will also have fun making them. Try a few of these ideas out and show us the outcome!

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