Tips For A Spookier Halloween

As I mentioned before, Halloween is one of those few holidays in a year when people will go all out in celebrating. People plan elaborate Halloween costumes months ahead of time and start decorating their homes with the spookiest decor. With so many things to think about when celebrating Halloween, how about I make it a little bit easier for you and give you a few tips on decorating for Halloween?

  • Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops. There is almost no overboard threshold to cross when it comes to Halloween decorating. If you think you had enough decorations, chances are you could probably use a few more.
  • Don’t worry about arrangement. The beauty of creating a spooky scene is that the more haphazardly it’s placed, the creepier it looks. A row of symmetrically lined tombstones is not spooky!
  • Choose your sound effects wisely. Sometimes, silence is a lot scarier than a looped track of spooky Halloween music. Keep your guests on their toes by keeping silent upon their arrival and create a sporadic loud bang or a crash sound. Once all your guests have arrived, then it’s time to play some music!
  • Serve Creepy Treats. To complete the spooky ambiance, don’t forget to creep-ify the food as well. Fried chicken is not as spooky as fried chicken covered in “blood” (also known as marinara). Also, you can try making the creepy halloween punch!
  • Leave the lights on. This may seem a little off kilter, but hear me out! I have to admit, pitch black darkness is pretty spooky. However, you can’t see anything at all either. In order to accent certain spooky decorations, we must give it some light. Position lamps to face away from the people and towards the object. Pull the light in really close to the object so the light does not diffuse too much.

Halloween is a free spirited holiday. Anything goes, so don’t worry too much about making everything perfect! Let your imagination go wild, and take risks. The only goal you should have when decorating and celebrating this holiday is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Spooking other people out is just the icing on the Halloween Cake!



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2 responses to “Tips For A Spookier Halloween

  1. I’ve started to enjoy Halloween more the older I get. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first “holiday” of fall or what…but it’s fun to participate in, for sure.

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