DIY Pumpkin Goodie Bags

Trick or treat! If you’re like me, I always prefer the treat over the trick. Who wouldn’t! Over the years, I’ve received goodies from pencils and erasers, to candies and cookies. Ah, the good old days. But I’m going off a tangent here. Back to what I was saying! Treats are a major part of Halloween. Children all across the nation dress up in costumes in anticipation of scoring a few candies. We can’t let these children down! Learn how to create this DIY pumpkin goodie bag I found from Martha Stewart. All the kids will be clamoring to get to  your porch!


  • large sheets of orange crepe paper
  • green floral tape
  • scissors
  • treats

This DIY project is fairly simple. For every pumpkin goodie bag you make, you’ll need to cut two 10″ circles out of the crepe paper. Put the 2 circles on top of one another to create the pumpkin base. Set a few goodies in the center of the circles. Gather up the crepe paper until it bunches up at the top. With the floral tape, tape the top of the crepe paper until it closes up the bag and creates a stem. To create curly q’s on the stem, wrap the floral tape around a pencil to curl. Attach at the stem.

Fill the goodie bags with any treat you’d like. We know that children prefer candy, but they won’t complain if they get toys instead (much healthier alternative). Here are a few suggestions that you can fill up your goodie bags with:

  • individually wrapped candy
  • individually wrapped fruit snacks
  • individually wrapped cookie
  • individually wrapped cupcakes
  • Halloween stickers
  • spooky erasers
  • creepy plastic body part toys
  • mini crayons
  • marbles

These treats are not just great for trick or treaters, but they are also fun for classrooms and dinner parties! Make a whole pumpkin patch’s worth of pumpkins goodie bags and put them on the table as decorations! Your guests can take one home at the end of the night as a party favor!


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One response to “DIY Pumpkin Goodie Bags

  1. Oh my goodness! I love this idea. I am not a mom, but I love doing things like this for the people I work for. We live on the road, so I feel doing little things like this is a nice throughback to home. I love it!

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