Pin the Skull on the Skeleton!

Many of you are familiar with the “pin the tail on the donkey” game. For Halloween, a donkey just isn’t very spooky at all. Here’s how you can create a “pin the skull on the skeleton” game fun for the whole family. All you need is a jointed paper skeleton (or any other Halloween themed figure you have) and some tape!

Remove the bracket that is holding the skull to the rest of the body. Put a re-positionable adhesive on the back of the skull. Double sided tape or any poster tape will work fine. Position the body onto the wall with tape at a good height where children and adult can both play. Get a blindfold and start playing!

To make the game extra difficult, remember to spin the person around a few times (with their blindfold on!) before starting. Another way this can be played is to remove most of the arms, legs, and the head from the body. Attach the body onto the wall, and let each person try a different body part. The finished result will be full of laughs.

Any jointed paper cutout figure can be used to make this game. How about “pin the severed head on a zombie”!

The jointed skeleton and zombie cutout can both be found on Home Seasons! Try this fun and interactive decor this Halloween!


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