Spooky Paper Bag Luminaries

Halloween is an exciting evening holiday. The outdoors and the dark ambiance synonymous with Halloween is what makes this holiday spooky and creepy! However, as dark and creepy as we want it to be, we need to light the way for our fellow ghouls and goblins to make it to our house for the Halloween party. This is where a cheap and easy to make idea comes in handy! Learn how to make paper bag luminaries this Halloween!

What you’ll need:

  • small paper bags
  • tealights
  • sand
  • hole punch or thumbtack
  • pencil

This project is actually really quick to do. Lay a paper bag flat on the table. Draw an outline of a spooky image you would like to recreate near the top 1/2 of the bag (I suggest a little ghost or a pumpkin silhouette for beginners). Using a hole punch or a thumbtack, follow the outline of the image you want to show through. The more holes you punch, the more light flows though (be cautious though, too many holes can make the image fall though, or allow the wind to blow out the candle). Make sure you punch/pierce all the way though to the other side of the bag. When you are ready to put it outside, fill the bag with an inch of sand to keep it from blowing away. Place a tealight on top of the sand and light up the candle. You will see the image you created light up from inside the bag!

There are many different ways to create paper bag luminaries. One way is to glue on cutouts and doilies of the image you want to make glow. Another way is to draw the picture onto the bag and trace with a permanent market to create a silhouette. Don’t be afraid to try to create any idea you want. You can also give the top edge of your bag a decorative trim with a zigzag cutout.

Line these up along the walkway or driveway to your house to light up the path for your guests. Your house will  be a popular party destination among all your friends!


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