How To Create Porch Worthy Pumpkin Carvings

You can’t have Halloween without pumpkins (or jack-o-lanterns to all you Halloween connoisseurs). But how many times have you spent hours carving a pumpkin just to realize that it is way too hideous to put on the front porch? Yeah, we know that hideous is good for Halloween, but not THAT kind of hideous. Not the kind that lets all your neighbors know that you should not been entrusted to be on the decorating community for this year’s block party. Embarrassing right? Well this Halloween, have no fear.

You know how it goes: you grab the carving knife and then go to town on that pumpkin–just carving whatever you please on the surface  hoping it ends up looking  presentable. Or if you’re like me, you draw a little sketch on the pumpkin before you start carving. Though the sketch helps a lot, the carving is only as good as your drawing skills. Unfortunately, like many others, my drawing skills leave little to be desired. To prevent bad pumpkin carvings from ever happening again, here’s an easy idea!

First, you have to find and print a picture from the internet that you wish to recreate on your pumpkin. Leave a trim around the image and cut off the extra paper. Tape the picture on the pumpkin to where you want the image to be. Use a dull pencil or some other dull instrument to trace over the picture to where you want to carve. Trace hard enough so it leaves an indentation onto the pumpkin. Remove the paper and check the indentation. Use that as a guide to cut with the carving knife. There you have it, a near perfect pumpkin carving!

Here are a few additional tips to further perfect your pumpkin carving skills:

  • Silhouettes are easiest to copy onto pumpkins
  • Pick an image that has a large amount of empty space within the image so it creates lots of shadows on the carving
  • Try not to pick images that have a lot of intricate lines and webs because they would be very difficult to replicate

Don’t think this only works with images! You can also use them for words. A little “BOO!” ghost pumpkin on the front yard will be the icing on the Halloween cake!


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