Holiday Ideas: Halloween Camp!

Aren’t we all excited for holidays to arrive? It is understandable that we want to celebrate Christmas in the summer, but these happy campers are even more eager to throw on their Halloween costumes in August! An article from Squidoo shows you how it’s done:

Campers Celebrating Halloween

I’m sure you’ve heard about Christmas in July, but have you ever celebrated Halloween in August? Around the country, campgrounds celebrate Halloween one weekend during the summer complete with trick-or-treating, haunted houses, Halloween parties, and with the added fun of ghost stories around the campfire.

If you’re a fan of Halloween, then when planning your summer vacation, consider checking out a campground on their Halloween weekend.

I remember celebrating Halloween in campgrounds when I was a kid. They were full of impromptu costumes, decorations, and fun. I even remember winning a couple costume contests year. One year I went as a robot, with RV septic piping and attached to my tin foil covered box body. Another year, my sister and I won as Hefty and Wimpy – yep, we dressed like garbage.

*Why don’t we get ready for Halloween too? Visit our Halloween section now and get them while they are still in stock!


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