Fun in the Sun – Beach Safety

Once we passed this year’s 4th of July long-weekend celebration, we all know beach season has officially commenced! While there are certain things we always  remember to do (bring the boogie board, towel, and snacks!), there are always certain regrets that come up when we’re already at the beach (and tell ourselves we won’t make again). Wishful thinking! To spare all of us from making regrets again, here is a list of things we can add to our to do’s:

Apply sun block – A no brainer right? Wrong! Apply sun block at least half and hour to and hour before you are exposed to the sun. Don’t forget to reapply, especially if you’ve been in the water!

Light stretches – If you’re planning to go in the water, always remember to do a few stretches beforehand. It can prevent from unexpected injuries and drowning accidents.

Stay hydrated – Soda may sound tempting, but always remember to pack water. It can also be used to rinse off dirty hands at the beach. Quick tip, freeze the bottle a night before. Not only will it be cold, but it also acts as an ice pack!

Bring sandals – Nobody wants sand in their shoes and socks!

Bring a cover-up – Though the sun may be at full blast, sudden gusts of wind do blow by! A cover-up is useful when you come out of the freezing water, or later on in the night for a bonfire under the stars.

Pick up after yourselves – How many times have you stepped on something you wish you hadn’t? Pick it up and score yourself some good karma points! Save the trash in a plastic bag and throw it away on your way to the car.

Check beach for levels of contamination – In case you forgot, the ocean is home to a lot of marine life, and not to mention oil spills and waste. When contamination levels are too high, it is unsafe to go to that beach. Always check online ahead of time to see if your beach is safe for the day.

These tips can also apply to lake trips!  Have a fun & safe summer!!


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