Mid-summer party ideas

Just because we are in mid-July doesn’t mean we can’t throw a different kind of party! I had read articles about people throwing Christmas parties in June, half a year ahead of the game! I wanted to plan some of my own parties and add little accents that will make my party more chic and classy at the same time without putting a dent in your wallet. Making your party cool and fashionable has never been that easy especially with tips from Martha!

Punch Bowl Ice Bath

This is the best idea I have seen to keep your punch cool and refreshing without watering it down with melted ice cubes. All you have to do is to go to the store and pick out two cylinder bowls like the one in the picture above, fill one layer with ice the other with a drink of your choice and the drink is ready to go! The look is effortlessly dramatic but classy.

Sunflower Place Card

Sunflower is the flower that symbolizes the summer season best. Find sunflowers in your neighbors front yard (ask for permission first!) or even your own and trim off the stems carefully. Add a paper petal with your guests’ names written on them and use tacky glue to secure that on the sunflower like you see in the above picture.

Cupcake cup covers

Since most summer parties are held outdoors, you would want to keep those unwanted bugs away from your freshly squeezed lemonade. Using leftover baking cups (could be ones from another holiday, too!) cut a small X in the middle and poke a straw through. You and your guests will be enjoying these refreshments without worrying about shooing those bugs away!

Natural Leaf Coasters

These leaf coasters can be found right in your backyard. Perfect accent for a natural themed party while being effortlessly chic.


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  1. Wow! I love these ideas, soo clever!

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