July 4th Party Invitation, Made From Paper Plate!

So I’m planning a BBQ for 4th of July that’s coming up soon, and came up with this paper plate invitation idea. They were fun to make and I was confident that they would impress my guests. It might be true that those paper plate invitations can’t be mailed off by standard postage, and might have to be personally delivered, but that just makes it that much more sincere of an invitation, right? 😛

Americana Patriotic Paper Plates

Paper Plate Invitation to My Very Best July 4th Celebration Party

The idea goes like this: your guests would receive the patriotic paper plate with minute&hour hands indicating the time of your party.

Front of the Invitation

They would turn the plate around and see a nicely little handwritten invitation on the back.

Back of the Invitation

With these invitation cards (or plates), no one is bound to say no to your July 4th party considering the sincerity and effort that went into making them! Fellas, be there for be square, see you at my July 4th BBQ!

I got these cute plates from Homeseasons. For a lazy one like myself, I also bought this hassle-free July 4th party package from the website. No matter how you plan to celebrate Independence Day, have a great one!

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