DIY time: Easter cards!

Spring time is here! A lot of us Spring enthusiasts are already prepping for the upcoming holiday by brainstorming good Easter decorative ideas. The first post we want to dedicate to Easter is DIY card making. We found some awesome chic Easter card ideas from and think maybe you guys should try crafting them! Good luck and happy crafting!

Rabbit Finger Puppet Card and Egg Cozy How-To Rabbit Finger Puppet Card
1. Start by making the bottom of the card. Take one piece of pink 5-by-5-inch card stock and use double-sided tape along three sides to attach the card stock to a piece of 5-by-5-inch decorative craft paper. Leave the fourth side (top) open.

2. Using a pencil, mark where the back of pink card stock will be punched for fingers — about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch in from the top (the open side). Punch the three holes with a circle punch. Set the bottom of the card aside.

3. For the top of the card, cut a piece of 5-by-5 1/2-inch decorative paper. Using double-sided tape on all four sides, attach the decorative paper to 5-by-5 1/2-inch piece of pink card stock.

4. Using a bone folder, lightly score and crease the lower 1/2 inch of the top of the card. Arrange floral stickers above the crease on the inside (decorative paper side) of the card.

6. Place tape on the lower 1/2 inch creased part of the top card, and insert it into the open side of the bottom card. Make sure the pink card stock sides are facing in the same direction. Press to adhere.

7. Print the template and cut out the “Happy Easter” carrot. Using adhesive foam dots, affix the carrot to the inside of the card, below the finger holes. Stick a single lily sticker to the front of the card.

8. Make the bunny finger puppets: Using a dressmaker’s marking pencil in pink, trace the smaller bunny template onto felt and cut out. Mark the two stop lines near the ears on the felt.

9. Fold the felt piece in half, lining up the ears. Blanket stitch from the bottom of the front, up to the marks near the ears. Pinch the ears flat to the front and use a few stitches to secure.

10. Glue on a pom-pom tail and use a pink permanent marker to dot the eyes. Stuff the head with one cotton ball. Repeat these steps to make three finger puppets.

11. Insert finger puppets through holes and present the card.

For the egg cozy, cut out the larger bunny template from felt and follow instructions as for the finger puppets. When you reach the stop lines near the ears, pinch the ears in and sew across the top between the ears, essentially making a T with the blanket stitch.

Easter Egg Fabric CardEaster Egg Fabric Card
Tools and Materials
Egg template
Regular printing paper
6 1/4-by-4 1/2-inch card
Double-sided tape
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Decorative crafting paper
Glue stick
6 1/2-by-4 3/4-inch envelope
Personal paper trimmer
Bone folder 

Easter Card How-To
1. Begin by downloading and printing the egg template on regular printing paper. Cut out the egg shape, put double-sided tape on the back of it, and stick it to the front of the card. Cut around the egg shape very slowly and neatly with a craft knife, as you will need the negative egg shape for later.

2. Cut a rectangle out of crafting paper, sized to fit behind your egg shape. Affix paper to the inside of card behind egg shape using glue stick.

3. Cut another rectangle out of crafting paper, sized 1/4-inch smaller all around than the size of your card opened flat. Fold this rectangle in half; crease with bone folder. Center and glue this rectangle to the inside of card with glue stick.

4. Take the egg you originally cut out and apply to inside of card with glue stick. Put the card under a book and allow the glue to set.

5. Next, line the envelope: Measure an open envelope from the top of the triangular flap (not including the sticky edge) to the bottom of the envelope. Measure between sides. Cut a sheet of decorative paper to those dimensions using a personal paper trimmer to ensure clean edges.

6. Slide the cut sheet into your envelope. Fold the top corners of the sheet down in a triangle shape at top, using the bottom of the envelope’s sticky edge as a guide. Crease with bone folder. Take paper out of envelope; cut along creases with paper trimmer. Insert paper into envelope, and fold the paper where envelope flap folds over; crease. Apply glue to back of paper, on the top edges only; press gently to attach paper to envelope.


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