Feature Spring item: Snoopy Garden Statue

Spring is just around the corner as our weather is slowly changing for the better and the air around us is warm and flowers are blooming. This seasons is all about decorating the great outdoors, which means it is all about decorating your front lawn! We have a special feature Spring item to share with you today: Solar Powered Free Standing Snoopy Garden Statue. This is one of our newest Spring and Easter decorative items in store and even I want it for myself. It is great right by your door as a pleasant greeter for your guests entering your house, or would be great in your garden, with it’s solar powered lantern lighting up the way in the night. It is definitely so versatile, because it could be use to decorate year round. In Spring and Summer, it is a great addition to your blooming garden. In Fall and Winter, the fall leaves and possible snow will make this Snoopy statue look warm and inviting. We are selling it in our store for only $99.99, whereas most places carry it for $120! Snoopy lovers, your collection will not be complete unless you have this statue! 🙂





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2 responses to “Feature Spring item: Snoopy Garden Statue

  1. elizabeth treger

    I am trying to purchase this Snoopy Garden Statue with Solar Lantern but cannot find it on your website. Can you help?

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