Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Tis the season to be giving! We don’t like wrapping our gifts in the conventional way. We like it unique and different to switch it up for this year’s Christmas decorating! Here we provide you some great ideas for this year’s Christmas gift wrapping.
Recycle holiday cards as labels for presents. With a pencil, kids can draw (or stencil) the recipient’s initial onto a card, and cut it out. Punch a hole in the letter, and tie to gift with yarn or ribbon.
Gift tags are all the sweeter when they happen to be crisp cookies. To make them, cut gingerbread dough into shapes or letters, punch with a small hole for threading with cord, and bake. The cookies can be eaten while the unwrapping takes place, or hung on a tree as ornaments.
Who doesn’t love tinsel? Here’s another way to use it: Twist wired tinsel into six-pointed stars. Cut three pieces of tinsel, two of equal length and one a little longer. Twist equal pieces together at centers, and wrap third piece onto the two twisted pieces, forming a star. Bend end of longer piece into a hook, and attach the star from the ribbon on a gift. Or hang as an ornament on a tree.

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