For the holidays

Christmas is just around the corner! We have provided you with some great ideas for Christmas decorations, stylishly. Enjoy!
Wooden Stocking forms are the new, stylish way to sport your Christmas stockings.
Brighten a room with colorful bulbs. Even unplugged lights shine when gathered in a glass apothecary jar. For a container that truly glistens, top it off with a dusting of artificial snow.
Arrange branches in a vase for an easy, elegant tabletop “tree.” This one is adorned with chandelier prisms and gold-painted walnuts.
Give cabinets a festive feel fast. We recommend dressing up kitchen cupboards with patterned wrapping paper (don’t worry — it’s a cinch to remove after the New Year). Just cut the paper to fit glass cabinet doors, as well as the back wall space between shelves, and use double-sided tape to affix.

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