Craft Time: Turkey Napkin Holder

Turkey Napkin Holder

Cute Thanksgiving decorating idea! Create cute napkin holders dressed up like your favorite Thanksgiving bird, the turkey! The colors and googly eyes will surely please the kids and other present day pilgrims.

5- by 7-inch Colorful poster board
Craft knife
Double sided tape
Glue stick
2 Goggly eyes (craft stores)
Red and yellow construction paper
1) Cut head and feet shapes in the top and bottom edges of a 5- by 7-inch rectangle of colorful poster board, leaving a 2- by 7-inch center band.
2) Use a craft knife to cut 2 wings near the center of the band.
3) Curl the cardboard by wrapping the ends of the band around something round, such as a rolling pin. Remove the band, overlap the ends, and secure them with double-sided tape.
4) Use a glue stick to attach 2 googly eyes, a red paper wattle, and a yellow paper beak. To adorn each mini tom with fancy feathers, simply fold a colorful napkin accordion style and tuck it inside the ring.
via Disney FamilyFun

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One response to “Craft Time: Turkey Napkin Holder

  1. jenna

    What a cute craft project! My daughter likes to do things like this around the holidays. I like that you used easily found craft items like poster board and etc.

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