It is not too early for great Thanksgiving tips!

Create an exciting and welcoming home for your Thanksgiving decorating festivities!

Five “Welcome to Our Home” Holiday Decorating Tips

1. Door wreaths welcome all to your home and set the stage for celebrating. Make a simple wreath to hang on your front door with Thanksgiving colors–brown, russet, olive green. Use tree branches from your garden; attach a few gourds, nuts, raffia, and ribbons.
2. Place a gorgeous mum by your front door. You can plant it later and get flowers next Thanksgiving to use inside. It just takes one bright spot near your front door to attract the eye of arriving guests.
3. Wrap your front door with gift wrap appropriate to Thanksgiving.
4. Make a “welcome to our home” banner. Add your ribbons, raffia, and fall leaves.
5. Group vines, pumpkins, and mums for display impact near the front entrance. Adjust the vines to add height and movement.

Fall Leaves make great interior and exterior decorations. Be sure to hose off any bugs!

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