Things You Can Do for Halloween

Pay a lot of attention to your lighting. Turn your lights very low, or even turn them off, using only candles to create a spooky Halloween glow. For this Halloween decor, we carry candles that use LED flicker candles, meaning it is completely flame-less so you would not have to worry about fire hazards!

Halloween Indoor Spooky Ghost and Witch Graveyard Scene LED Flicker Candles (Set of 2

Fill your home with spooky wisps of smoke and fog made from dry ice. You can even use a strobe light to create a spooky atmosphere with the smoke effect.

Halloween In/Outdoor Flashing Mini Strobe light
Make a few ghastly head centerpieces for your buffet. Beware! With these ghouls looking over your food, there may be lots of leftovers!
Place shrunken apple heads in the least expected places such as on dining room or kitchen chairs, in your guests’ coat pockets, or at the bottom of a snack bowl. Get busy now – these little babies take a couple of weeks to reach perfection.
Play spooky Halloween music inside and outside your house. We’ve had speakers outside our home for years, and the trick-or-treaters always love the scary sounds as they come up our driveway.
Welcome your guests with spooky jack-o-lanterns lining your walkway. Or instead, you could opt for cute smiling jack-o-lanterns like these!
Halloween Indoor Smiling Paper Pumpkins Hanging Lantern Decoration (Set of 3)
Create creepy spiders to scatter everywhere including your buffet table, chairs, ceilings and anyplace else your guests might be surprised.
Halloween Indoor Fuzzy PomPom Spiders Small Decoration (Set of 24)
Spread cobwebs in choice corners of your home and selectively place miniature spiders in each web.
Halloween In/Outdoor Scary Black Spider Web Hanging Decoration
Halloween In/Outdoor Spooky White Spiderweb with Ten Spiders Decoration
Make bat, witch or black cat silhouettes to hide in corners or on your windows.
Halloween In/Outdoor Window Cling or Hang Decoration- Spooky Ghosts
Halloween Indoor Window Cling or Hang Decorations- Cat and Bats
Visit our website now to get your house ready for trick-o-treaters! We ship within 24 hours and shipping & handling is all FREE. You don’t have to put a dent in your wallet to enjoy decorating your house for the holidays 🙂

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