25 Halloween decorating ideas for ghoulish fun

Stop playing nice and start spooking your family with mysterious decor. Creep out the neighbors with these chilling outdoor Halloween decorations. From the clever to the creepy, these easy Halloween decorating ideas will keep everyone on their toes. All you need are some basic supplies and a wicked sense of humor. Family and friends will be left wondering how sweet you really are, when you can conjure up such ghoulish fun once a year.

What a Tangled Web You Weave
Use spider web decorations from the store or unravel a pair of nylons into thin strands to decorate curtain rods and vases. Now you have a great excuse to let the dust collect; it’ll make your Halloween decorations that much more authentic.

Scare the Boo Out of Them
Tuck spooky hand-painted pumpkins and ghosts in unexpected places around your home, including the cabinet where you store the toilet paper or in a refrigerator drawer.

Biting Humor
Place a pair of vampire fanged teeth in a glass of water in the bathroom, with a tube of denture cream nearby.

Skeleton in Your Closet
Hang an old skeleton costume or a skeleton decoration in a shared closet.

Lip Service
Remember the wrong shade of red lipstick you bought? The one that makes you look ghastly? Write cryptic messages or symbols on mirrors, including, “You’re next” or “It’s too late to run.”

Make new covers for your books’ spines, with new spooky titles, including “How to Cook Bats,” “Exercising Your Demons,”  or  “Top Secret Potions.”

Shadows and Silhouettes, Oh My!
Tape full sheets of orange tissue paper to the inside of windows. Cut out large silhouettes of spiders and bats. Keep some of the silhouettes small to keep them guessing: is it real or just pretend?

Gather those clothes that are too threadbare for donation and stuff them with the mess of leaves in your yard. Create a group of scarecrow caricatures, one to represent each family member, even the family dog.

Indoor Tombstones
Create indoor tombstones using chalkboard paint on cardboard. Write chilling messages with chalk, and change the message every day, when nobody is looking.

The Walls Have Eyes
It may feel like you’re walking around with eyes behind your head sometimes, especially if you have kids. Spread that keen second sense around by decorating pictures and cabinet doors with pairs of paper eyes.

Buried Alive
Hammer two garden stakes or tree twigs in the ground and place a pair of old shoes onto them, sole side up to look like someone is buried there.

What’s Your Poison?
Adhere warning labels to beverages. Tomato or cranberry juice are now “vampire blood,” olives are now “skin wrinklers,” and milk is now “shrieking potion.”

Valley of the Dolls
Creep kids out with a doll graveyard. Tuck those broken-down Barbie dolls or doll parts into coffins made from juice boxes.

Egg-cellent Eyesight
Save an egg carton and fill it with homemade eyeballs. Paint ping pong, golf or styrofoam balls to look like eyeballs, complete with icky red veins.

Front yard or Graveyard?
Use outdoor gray spray paint to turn cardboard into tombstones. Stencil scary messages with white paint. Write, “RIP Reason,” “Cheater” or “Vacancy.”

Waxing Halloween
Drip red crayon onto the top of white or black tapered candles, to look like blood. There will be no complaints about dinner tonight, with this eerie setting.

Sour Grapes
Hide creepy spiders and centipedes in a bowl of fresh fruit. Nobody will dare touch your morning kiwi now!

Picture This
Embellish your existing family portraits with fangs, horns, warts and other ghoulish details. Cut the shapes out of construction paper and tape to glass picture frames.

Finger Foods
Create stray mummy fingers by wrapping craft sticks with white first aid wrap. Make one end wider than the other and paint that end red. Add a fake fingernail to the other side. (Mummies can be fancy, too, you know.) Toss into the silverware drawer.

Hand in the Kitchen
Stuff a dishwashing glove with old nylons or newspaper and tie off the end with twine. Paint it in a skin-like shade and leave leave it with the utensils.

A Witch of One’s Own
Place a pair of red and white striped socks and a pair of sparkly red slippers near your home’s foundation.

Six Heads Are Better than One
Cover vases or old coffee cans with your creepy collection of scary masks or photos your least favorite politicians and celebrities and line them up on the windowsill.

Shower Scene
Glue black tissue paper to a poster board and cut out the shape of Norman Bates’s mother, attacking birds or Freddy Krueger’s bladed hand and attach the scary silhouette to the shower curtain.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Make all of your bewitching friends feel at home with dining room chairs covered with black tulle and adorned with tiny spiders.

Simply Devilish
Hang a black garbage bag full of leaves. Or better yet, convince someone else to do it. The neighbors will wonder what you have hiding in the eerie sack.

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